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Gated Pipe Turning Tool - Irrigation Pipe Wrench

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

This product is intended to be used on irrigation pipe with ports or gates in it known as “gated pipe”. Once pipe is assembled into an irrigation system, gated pipe has a tendency to move, shift, roll or rotate. This can be due to the weight of water, varying flow, livestock or wind. Whatever the reason is, once pipe is placed it often requires maintenance and re-positioning.

The pipe will often roll down so that the gates are difficult to access and more likely to leak. When the gates are pointed down they also cause excess erosion in the field. The gates on each gated pipe joint need to be aligned and be close to horizontal for ease of operation and for the system to be the most efficient.

This turning tool or wrench is designed to be used specifically on gated pipe and is sized according to pipe diameter. It is presently available for 8” and 10” diameter gated pipe. It is the most convenient tool for rotating poorly positioned gates to their correct orientation. Many times one turning tool is enough to position pipe, but two makes the job easier when joints are stuck together. Two tools are used similar to how two opposing pipe wrenches are used when tightening a threaded plumbing fitting.

This gated pipe turning tool has an adjustable handle so the easier can reach gates on the bottom of the pipe or in difficult locations. This is designed to be used when gates are in both difficult and easily accessed locations.

When using this gated pipe tool, the user needs to be careful not to apply too much torque to the handle. Most gated pipe is plastic and it can be damaged if too much force is used. Similar to how over-tightening a lug nut on a wheel can twist them off or damage threads, a person needs to use good judgment while turning plastic pipe.

Neither aluminum or plastic irrigation pipe is indestructible but both can be easily manipulated with this device. Using a tool each among two workers and applying a light “shake” rather than one continuous motion while rotating assembled irrigation lines makes re-positioning of gates much easier and faster than other methods.

This product is made of steel and aluminum. Lower painted portion is steel and handle is aluminum. Includes 2ea 5/16” grade 5 bolts and a 5/16” double wire snap safety pin for quick handle adjustments.

Patent Pending.

2 joints out of alignment need straightened prior to summer
Example of misaligned gated pipe - fixing prior to summer

moving gated pipe with 2 turning tool wrenches
2 tools used to manipulate and rotate gated pipe

easily accessed gated pipe gate for rotating
Typcal use of gated pipe turning tool or wrench

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